Can Social Media And Online Dating Really Help You Find Your Soulmate?

online dating

Do you believe in the powers of online dating? Or would you rather continue to take your chances on blind dates or cruising the bars in hopes of finding Mr. Right? Though a night out on the town might produce some fun results, can it really help you find your soulmate? How can online dating make the search a little easier?

Online dating has proven itself a more successfully means of finding a significant other. Not to mention, there is no need for a hangover or miserable blind dates. Social media makes it much easier to filter through the frogs and find those like minded people. Online dating sites and memberships in Facebook groups let people hit their target more quickly and more directly. You don’t need to spend time meeting strangers at a bar or club, not knowing for sure whether this activity will link you to people sharing you interests and hobbies. Just a few clicks are required to enter the virtual world, full of promises of possible connections.

online dating

The proof is in the numbers! More than 1.86 billion American singles actively use Facebook each month on their search for their perfect match. This is a much greater chance of finding a match as opposed to a small area, like a group at a bar. At any point in time 1.86 billion users get together under the roof of Facebook to talk to each other, share comments and photos, join societies, make new friends and acquaintances and look for love affairs as well.

With such an astronomical number of users on social media, people still need some extra help for finding the love of their lives. That’s where online dating comes in. Reputable dating sites can successfully help you find that perfect match.

Let’s take a look at the numbers! The statistics show that 20 percent of serious relationships happened thanks to online dating sites in 2015. Out of those serious relationships, 7 percent of the dating sites users found their happily ever after and got married. Though, the most popular way of finding a partner is still through friends (mutual friends contributed to joining 63 percent of people in marriage), it is interesting to know that just 2 percent of men and 7 percent of women succeed to find a partner in a bar.

online dating

As for online dating sites, their role has been growing out of mere matchmaking. They help people to find those who share lifestyles, they link users on a various basis like a location, places visited, Facebook likes, favorite activities, hobbies through different communication channels. Needless to say, that such an enabling environment is favorable to meeting new people and finding the special ones without unpleasant consequences of nights spent at the bar or horrible blind date fails.

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