Under Armour, Nest, and BMW Create New Apps For Samsung Watch

samsung watch apps

Samsung smartwatches are all of the rage. However, some complain that the core apps don’t provide that much pizazz. Once the newness of the watch wears off, what are you left with? The tech company is working hard to make the smartwatch a one of the kind device that people refuse to live without. They have recently partnered with several well known companies to create new apps for their technology.

In a recent press release, Samsung talked about their new partnerships and there really is something for everyone (especially those that workout, love music and convience):

samsung watch apps

“At CES 2017, Samsung and Under Armour announced a collaboration that would combine Samsung’s industry-leading mobile technology with the performance athletic brand’s Connected Fitness expertise to offer Gear device users a best-in-class fitness experience.

As a result of the partnership, the Gear S3 now supports the Under Armour Connected Fitness® suite, which includes popular apps such as UA Record™, the world’s first 24/7 connected health and fitness network; MapMyRun®, a leading exercise tracking app; Endomondo™, a social fitness app that offers personal training tips and tracks exercise; and the nutrition-tracking MyFitnessPal®, which hosts the world’s largest nutritional database. The combined digital community counts more than 200 million members worldwide.”

samsung watch apps

“The Gear S3’s new Spotify app brings the world’s number one music streaming service to users’ wrists, allowing them to stream their favorite music directly through the smartwatch via Wi-Fi or LTE** and effortlessly browse through charts, scroll through playlists and search for tracks.

To offer users more freedom to comfortably enjoy their favorite tunes, the Gear S3’s Spotify app will soon support offline caching, which will provide Spotify Premium users access to saved playlists even when not connected to Wi-Fi or LTE. This convenient capability is expected to make its debut in April.”

samsung watch apps

“The Gear S3 also offers users with compatible BMW vehicles*** access to convenient functions designed to help them go about their day. After downloading the BMW Connected app, users will be able to lock and unlock their doors, check their fuel status, view details of their next trip, and more – all via the Gear S3’s screen.”

Sounds exciting, right? We can’t wait to see all of the newest apps launch! Do you have a Samsung Smartwatch? If not, will these new apps make you buy one?

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