The Most Memorable Homes From The Silver Screen [Infographic]

top movie homes

Do you have a favorite movie? Chances are, there is one or two films that include an element that inspired you. For example, one company has discovered how houses from popular films have impacted people’s house buying and renting ways. Hollywood home tours bring in thousands of dollars in revenue every month as people become fascinated from the homes of the silver screen.

Cast Iron Radiators 4 U took a look at this interesting pattern and wanted to get a better look at those most memorable homes. From ‘Gone With The Wind’ to ‘The Avengers’ franchise, this infographic definitely prove that home is where the heart is.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Top Movie Houses by Cast Iron Radiators 4u
Top Movie Houses by Cast Iron Radiators 4u.

Besides creating this unique infographic, Cast Iron Raditors 4u offers a wide variety of high quality cast iron radiators on their site. They also offer advice for homeowners about how to get the look they desire.

Do you have a favorite Hollywood home? Has it influenced your dream house goals?

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