Mojigram Allows You To Send Giant Emoji Telegrams

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Just when we think the emoji craze has reached its peak, a new emoji fad makes headlines and everyone seems to be hooked. For example, Mojigram is the new emoji fad on the block. This clever company offers a unique opportunity to send a giant emoji telegram straight to anyone’s door.

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When texting a laughing emoji, just won’t express the hilarity, Mojigram has you covered. Just as the name of the service suggests, Mojigram allows you to send a telegram straight from your phone. From heart eyes to the poop emoji, choose your particular emoji and a personalized message to the lucky recipient. Starting at around $20, the service will then deliver the giant corrugated plastic emoji straight to the recipient. We’re talking giant, just check out the photos.


After you have written a personalized message (up to 250 characters), your emoji telegram will ship via USPS First Class Parcel the very next business day.

According to their website, the prices aren’t too bad and the process is extremely easy.


We think this is the perfect opportunity for a unique romantic gesture by sending a giant heart eyes emoji. Better yet, play an epic prank by sending a giant poop emoji without the smelly task of actual poop. Or what about sending an angry face to an enemy? Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

What do you think about this new service? What kind of emoji telegram would you send?

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