The History Of Online Gaming: An Interactive Timeline

onlin gaming

I think we can all agree, online gaming has definitely came a long way. However, we probably have not realized all of the events that led to today’s ability to play hundreds of games with amazing graphics and features.

online gaming

Thank to our friends over at, there is an amazing interactive timeline that showcases all of the vital events of online gaming’s history. From the 1969 introduction of the Internet’s foreshadowing network to today’s innovation in virtual and augmented reality, it is incredible how far we have came.

You can check out this incredible interactive timeline here. The design alone is pretty entertaining.

online gaming does much more than present fun infographics lieknthis, they can also help you find reliable Internet providers in your area. After all, the moving process is already pretty hectic, so i say take all of the help you want!

onlin gaming

So, all you gamers, what do you think was one of the most important events in the online gaming world?

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