The Fast Lane: Company Introduces Self Checkout For Cars

The fast lane

Talk about living in the future. Welcome to the fast lane! There have been plenty of mindblowing technological advancements, but this one could change the way you buy a car forever.

Imperial Cars has introduced the world’s first self serve checkout process for buying a car. The company compares the process to much like how you purchase your eggs at the grocery store.

The Fast lane

“Just like in your local supermarket, our customers can now process their new automotive purchase at a convenient self-service checkout, located within the showroom,” the company writes on their website. “Unsupervised and built specifically for quick and convenient payment, customers simply drive up to the pay-point, enter a few personal details and pay in one speedy step.”

The fast lane

Dubbed ‘The Fast Lane’, this unique technology is still in the prototype phase. However, the company is positive that it is going to revolutionize the car buying process.

The company shows just how easy The Fast Lane is to use. Of course, this speedy option is for cash customers only. Also, you must purchase drive away insirance on the spot. Check out the video here for a look at this interesting concept.

What do you think about this speedy car buying process? Would you use The Fast Lane?

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