Was 2016 the Worst Year Ever?

Practically not a day went by when I woke up to see BBC notifications on my phone alerting me to a bombing, a mass killing, or some other horrific incident. Celebrity death hoaxes went out of fashion simply because of the deaths becoming all too true. Politics went to the gutter – and not only in the United States – with relationships going down the drain.

With all that – and more – we have dubbed 2016 to be the worst year ever, and by December 2016, 99.99 percent of the world’s population couldn’t wait to leave the year behind, only hoping to have a better 2017. It can’t be worse, right? Maybe not.

Then again, there’s always a bright side to things. If you don’t abide by that principle, that’s fine. But, one really can’t deny that there were some good things that made 2016 bearable – even good. Maybe even enough to strip the label “2016 Worst Year Ever”.

Here’s an infographic made by the folks at BargainFox, which will give you a more positive perspective of the year that was.

More infographics

Leo winning his first Oscar – YAY! Definitely a highlight for me.

Astronauts Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienki return to earth after 340 days in space – an ISS record.

The Queen of England turned 90. That’s one life to be celebrated.

Well, truth be told, some of the points in the infographic may not be considered positive by some, but give it a go. You just might feel better after you read it.

2016 worst year ever

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