The Best Free Online Games You Need to Check Out in 2017

Online games are among the most widely played games by the people worldwide. The online games, which offer a colossal variety are not amongst the favourite pastimes of children, but also of the people of all ages. These games not only allow you to pass your time, but also help adults unwind and release their stress. Also, the proliferation of the smart devices like smart phones and tablets have made it easier for people to access and play these games. Online free games are in high demand these days, and this post will share an insight about the top free online games which are worth playing in 2017.

Tribes Ascend

A premier online Jetpack shooter is what you need to add a thrill to your life. Tribes Ascend is not just a fast and the furious online game, but offers an absolutely brilliant gaming experience. Also, as long as you want to hold your own in the battle, there’s no reason to spend any money in its in-game shop.

League of Legends


League of legends is for you if you want to get an enthralling experience on a free to play online game. Simply pick up your champion and head straight into the battle. Some of the unique features of League of Legends such as a range of characters, automated match making, and the brilliant maps make it worth playing in this new year. The serious players can even win lucrative prizes by participating in the top tournaments.


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Dota 2

Delta 2 is one of the best online games available in the free play mode. It’s an incredibly active top-down arena battler, which even offers multi-million dollars worth of prizes to the serious players.

While the game play mechanics of Dota 2 are quite complex, but its amazing graphics and the overall gaming experience are marvellous. The players find it addictive and owing to the way the game unfolds, it has been regarded as one of the best games to play in 2017.

Strike Force Heroes 3

If you love weapons, then the Strike Force Heroes 3 is made for you. There are almost 60 missions for you to complete. After finishing each mission successfully, you will be rewarded. The customized weapons and squads are waiting for you in the massive Strike Force Heroes Version 3 and you should not miss it.

Path Of Exile

A quite different type of Dungeon Crawler, the Path of Exile is not just about whacking the real life people, but it’s more of a slow-burner games. If you give it some time, you are surely going to fall in love with it. There are no game ruining elements in the game, and there are several hidden depths which slowly get uncovered as you keep on playing.

So, whether you want to play the games all the time or simply play them in your quiet moments, the aforementioned games will give you the best online playing experience. Just try these and enjoy an amazing journey into the gaming world.


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