Groomsman Dress Up As McDonald’s Menu Items For An Epic Adventure

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Talk about a happy meal.

McDonald's groom

One future groom has an epic story to tell his future children one day. Chen Guanyou was about to partake in the common Chinese tradition that calls for the groom and his groomsmen to visit the future bride and complete a quest. The quest is usually something embarrassing or outrageous to help “win over” the bride.

McDonald's groom

To show how game they were, Guanyou and his groomsmen donned hilarious McDonald’s menu items. Yes, we’re talking chicken nuggets, french fries, mcflurrys, apple pies and other fast food faves.

Guanyou explains that he decided to dress up since his fiance is not a fan of fast food. On the other hand, Guanyou is a McDonalds addict and eats it about once a week.

“My wife hates fast food — she’s very health-conscious,” said Chen. “So (if) she wants to marry me she has to accept this.”

Even more impressive, Guanyo made the costumes himself.

McDonald's groom

“She knows there’s no choice. And she knows I love making costumes so it’s part of me,” Guanyou said.

Once the Mcdonalds men arrived, their quest wasnt over. They then had to complete embarrassing tasks, such as mashing their faces in cling wrap and ripping off pieces of duct tape while submerged in ice water.

Sounds like true love. Nothing says love like embarrassing yourself to your fiance and her friend’s delight.

Of course, the pictures don’t do it justice. Check out how the morning went with this video footage from Mashable.

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