The Social Platforms To Keep An Eye On This 2017

Social networking is a dominant part of today’s society, and that has made social networks great investments. The start of 2017 comes with an inherent need to evaluate the social media world, and although it can be hard to lay out concrete facts, some trends paint a clear enough picture of what to expect. Online communication continues to characterise a huge percentage of the human interactions nowadays. Before thinking about putting money in an emerging or even old network with new potential, anticipate what could happen. Some of these sites are old ones that are adapting the latest trends while others are relatively new players on the market.


For a social site that is not even two years old, Periscope is doing extremely well in the world of social media. A lot of other sites provide video-sharing, but Periscope took a different approach and made it possible to do it live. The capability to stream live video has had a huge impact on personal branding, which is one reason the site is enjoying such popularity. Then there is the backing that Periscope receives from Twitter, which acquired the platform before it was even launched. Twitter is already a big force, and that means that Periscope has a bright future.


Snapchat has undoubtedly taken some great strides as a social site, and it is expected that this trend will continue in 2017 and beyond. The use of facial filters on Snapchat has made it a platform for sharing photos among friends. The launch of Spectacle has also contributed to the increased use of the network. Snapchat also allowed individuals and businesses to create custom geofilters, which increased advertising. The company is expected to invest more in ad products, consequently boosting the platform’s relevance in business. It is expected that Snapchat may go public as early as March 2017, and that is another reason to keep an eye out.


The microblogging site underwent some changes in 2016 that have positioned it as a network to watch in this new year. A significant launch of the site in 2016 was “Moments,” which allows users to piece together tweets into a slideshow. The availability of customer support features has also made Twitter a favourite for many businesses that intend to maintain communication with customers. With Periscope’s acquisition, there is anticipation that Twitter will move towards live streaming video, thereby enhancing news delivery. If marketers can conduct real-time events, they will improve interaction with target audiences, and that votes well for any business. These are a few of the elements that will maintain the social site as a considerable player.


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As a professional network, LinkedIn has proven to be very effective for communication and job seeking. Professionals of all calibre flock the site for employment opportunities and insights into everyday issues. With famed entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson giving their take on a variety of matters, the network will remain an important tool for businesses. The acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft in June 2016 has given the social network even more clout, and it only remains to be seen what the tech giant has in store.


Engage is by Twitter. Of course, the success of any social media marketing campaign is dependent upon analysis and metrics. It is really important that organisations understand their users and audience and know the types of posts that work and the types that don’t. Engage is an independent app designed for social listening and provides important additional data about your tweets and your Twitter profile. Thus will allow organisations to increase their followers and therefore customers like CMC Markets may do.

Adobe Spark

The best thing about this app is that it is free. It is also simple to use. Adobe Spark allows you to create different graphics related to your organisation for a wide range of social platforms using the correct size templates which means that the graphics will be perfect on the social media platform that it is posted on to. In particular, it is a perfect opportunity to create a promotional marketing banner for your website. The app allows users to also design online stories as well as videos that organisations can use to explain a product or alternatively to promote an idea. Adobe Spark is a really important app to have in your organisations social platform marketing suit, and will help save time and effort in creating an effective marketing campaign for your organisation.


PostReach is another important app to have available to your organisation. Although it is less well known, PostReach is very effective. The app allows the organisation to know exactly how well the content that is posted on social media platforms is performing and increasing traffic to your organisations website. The app allows you to request a breakdown of traffic so that you can understand exactly where in the world users of your website are situated. It also gives your organisation data about shares across the whole range of social platforms. Another really useful feature of the app is that it is able to notify users of the app of influencers who read and share the content that you are posting.


The video-sharing platform is an old one, but its relevance is unwavering as new features keep it fresh for users. As with any other site, it’s all about how businesses can utilise it for marketing. The number of creators and audiences of the site continue to reach new heights. This year will see opportunities for branded content increase with enterprises investing in product placements, sponsorships and promotions. As more people use YouTube to express themselves and hone their different creative talents, entities will gain more exposure, which equals higher revenues for the site. Additionally, Goggle acquired a tech platform called Famebit that makes it possible for YouTube creators and advertisers to connect, and that will have an impact on the marketing potential of the site.

Social networks maintain their market share by adapting to changing consumer demands and a key player in creating trends, and 2017 will be no different. With technologies such as augmented reality and AI making such a huge impact, you can anticipate significant strides for a majority of the existing networks.


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