5 Ways To Start Your 2017 Off Right

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The beginning of a new year marks a symbolic occasion of renewal. People view New Year’s Day as an opportunity to leave all their bad habits behind, hoping to become new and better people in the New Year. If this philosophy applies to you, plenty of choices are available to improve yourself. Here are five ways to start your 2017 off right.

Live Healthier

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Does a more predictable New Year’s resolution exist than dieting and eating better? The answer is no, but the idea is popular for good reason. Nothing else is more important to you than your health. You may struggle to keep yourself at the weight you feel is best, though. That’s why you plan to pay more attention to your fitness at the beginning of the year.

In 2017, you can achieve your goal of a healthier you. All you’ll need are the right tools for the job. Your first step is to buy a wearable like a Fitbit. The most recent models like the Surge 2 will nag you to get up and exercise when you’ve sat immobile for too long. You’ll exercise more due to these reminders. The next step is to download a wellness app like Lose It! or MyFitnessPal for your Samsung Galaxy S7. The S7’s large display and fast processor make it easy to track eating habits and fitness, and you’ll discover ways to eat fewer calories, increase your protein intake, and work out more effectively.

Live Simpler

Now that you’re feeling fit, improve your daily life in a different way. Stop hoarding! At least 2 percent of the population qualifies as having hoarding tendencies. Many of the rest get by on a technicality. Keeping a lot of junk is a part of the human mindset, and it causes people to live with a lot of clutter.

Entering a new year, you have the opportunity to simplify your life. Take a moment to evaluate your living space. How many items do you see that you know you couldn’t live without? Sure, you need your refrigerator, but when’s the last time you used your waffle maker? How many holiday decorations do you keep in your closets? Did you even use all of them last December? A lot of the items you’ve kept wind up providing no utility. They simply take up space in your home. It’s time for a purge. You’ll feel unencumbered once you’ve decluttered.

Live Happier


Studies show that happy people live healthier lives. As you grow older, your emotional state impacts your physical well-being. Of course, attaining happiness is difficult for many people. If you’re someone who struggles in this area, several proven strategies are available. For example, daily affirmations can change your mood. Write down a list of several things that make you happy. Then, repeat this process each day until you no longer need it. You’ll discover that the difficulties of life don’t feel as overwhelming when taken in the context of the good things in your life.

While we here at Social News daily love our daily doses of social media and viral news fun, it is important to not get obsessive over it. Remember that most people will only post snapshots and statuses of their perfect moments. Don’t get yourself down when you wonder why certain people always appear to have every aspect of life completely perfect. No one is perfect and everyone is dealing with some sort of issue. The grass is greener on the side that you water. Take a social media hiatus, if needed. Don’t let social media become a negative force in your life.

Another way to improve your mood is by finding hobbies. Many activities like photography, gardening, journaling, and scrapbooking will make you feel comfortable. As you perform these tasks each time, you’ll feel safer and more secure in life. Finally, you could do something more basic. Buy a joke-a-day calendar and read it. If you don’t like the first joke, keep reading until you laugh. You’re focusing on starting 2017 right. Don’t worry about having enough jokes at the end of the year. Now is what matters most.

Live Connected


With the advancement of technology, it has never been easier to stay connected with friends and families. 2017 is shaping up to be an even more exciting year for technology, meaning even more opportunities to start in touch. Building relationships is key to a happy life. So, make sure you nurture those relationships, even if you can’t be there in person. Sending a quick Facebook message or Snapchat can remind those special people that you are always thinking about them. Make sure to get a device that can help you do this quickly and efficiently, like the Samsung Galaxy S7. The large screen and easy to learn operating system will give you full customization over your social media experience.

Live Richer


Feeling like you’re broke is one of the worst sensations. You can overcome this issue in 2017 by improving your money management skills. Begin the year with a quick evaluation of how you spend your money. Then, decide how many of your expenses are necessary versus which ones are wasteful. You’ll quickly realize that while a lot of bills are avoidable, you have plenty of areas for improvement. Cut out the needless expenses, and you’ll take control of your finances. Then, you’ll worry less about money for the rest of the year.
You want 2017 to stand out as the greatest year of your life. What you should appreciate is that you have the power to control the outcome. Follow the tips above, and you’ll enter 2017 confident that you’ll become the best version of yourself.


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