Scientists Ask Twitter To Find The #BestBeard In Nature


A group of scientists are causing a riot on Twitter. You might of seen the trending #BestBeard, but it has nothing to do with the manly man in your life. The Scientific Community is looking to social media to help them find the best beard in nature. The organization is known to bring the burning questions on the nature world to social media.

The discussion was began by University of Nebraska’s Dustin Ranglack, who nominated the bison for the #BestBeard award.

The discussion comes on the heels of two other trending nature related hashtags, #BestSpots and #BestStripes. Of course, these debates looked for the animals sporting the best spots and stripes.

Field Biologist Lars Holst Hansen suggested the muskox (or “umingmak” in Inuktitut, which translates to “the bearded one”). After a look at this creature, we think it has much more going on than a #BestBeard.

Conservation geneticist and zoologist Laura Bertola went with a classic choice: the lion.

The scientists also pointed out how important a beard is. Yes, to humans it has become a fashion trend. But to animals in the wild, beards can serve a very important purpose. For example, the bearded pig uses his outlandish facial hair to attract females for mating.

OK, so maybe humans aren’t that different?

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