All I Want for Christmas Are Tumblr Lols In The Morning


Merry Christmas!

While we’re all enjoying the happy feeling of full bellies, presents, and possibly a glass of wine and some holiday specials playing on TV while lounging in a cozy pair of brand-new festive socks, it also helps to have a laugh or two. And nope, it doesn’t even have to make perfect sense — just enough for it to be actually hilarious.

Trust us, you’ll want to retreat to these when the knock-knock jokes and the other punch lines have all fizzled out.


I think we all related to this at some point this Christmas month.

*pats baby chicken wing*

Excuse you, Muggle. We have proof.

With the way 2016 has been, we all just want some form of kindness. Yes, even a mug of hot chocolatey milk from a meme spider.

That, or just not adult anymore. But then, why stop at not adulting anymore when you can go full out and just not Human anymore?

Me too, bruh. Me too.

… that sounds fake, but okay.

Yeah Don’t you dare —
No hold on

Moderation? Hahaha, of course I absolutely know what you’re talking about! *sweats*

Everything you know is A LIE.
And then we have this walnut in the last comment.

And in the event you need to remember this in still some good in this world, observe this sweet dog in a hoodie.

Dear Joss Whedon, please give us all these episodes for your next awesome sci-fi show. Thank you, happy holidays.

And just remember: when you feel sad and lonely, you’ll always have your Tumblr family, even if they’re composed of complete strangers who are every bit as crazy as you.

Feature image by Gratisography

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