Youtuber Rigs Fridge’s Ice Maker To Dispense Pizza Rolls [Video]

pizza rolls

You’ll see your fridge’s ice maker in a whole light after seeing this ingenious
Youtube hack. Let’s just say, if you are a fan of pizza rolls, you will love this.

Featured on UPI, this short video shows a fridge’s ice maker dispensing the frozen pizza morsels with a simple push of the button. The creative (and hungry) Chase Laub, rigged up his fridge. He uploaded his creation to Youtube and captioned it, “I need this more than ice.” Let’s face it, many of us would prefer pizza rolls to ice cubes.

The video was uploaded way back in September, but just recently went viral after someone created a GIF version and shared it to Imgur.

What an inspiring time we live in. Especially when we discovered this other brilliant ice maker hack.

There have been plenty of ice maker hacks. What would you love to have your fridge dispense?

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