Confirmed and Canon: Overwatch’s Tracer is Queer

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“Cheers, love, the cavalry’s here!” Yes, Tracer, it definitely is.

Tracer, the adorably chipper speedster of Blizzard’s Overwatch franchise, has just been revealed to be in a happy relationship with her girlfriend Emily. It says right so in Overwatch’s newest online comic book, Reflections.

Yes, friends. Queer Tracer is canon.

Don’t believe me? Check out this screenshot:

TracerLonely Winston is also giving us all the feels, but we’ll let you read the rest of it.

So, huzzah! While some dudebro Overwatch players have been demanding their money back, the rest of the fandom are either rejoicing over this new peek into Tracer’s identity — or collapsing into a heap over the sudden demise of their favorite ships.

Yes, Overwatch = massive shipping spree. Blown to smithereens.

So yep, Goodbye, WidowTracer.


Further into the comic is a spread that reveals the rest of the game’s cast in various activities —

Reinhardt reading to Torbjorn’s(…?) children, Reaper watching a happy family in the distance, Genji writing a letter, Mercy ready said letter with feather… wait, what?!

And the other ships rise out of the woodwork.

And then people were aghast that it was ever possible for Torbjorn to sire THAT many children.

And there are the happy few who call for decency in the face of so many sunken ships.


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