Sad Kermit Meme Is All Of Us in 2016


Oh, Kermit. It was all supposed to start out so innocently.

This particular tweet was supposed to be reassuring, but it seems the internet always has it ways of taking things off the beaten path — and into darker territory than we care to admit. Case in point, this original post:

Aaaw. Good for you, plus points for emotional health.

So the rest of Twitter wanted to carry over these feelings of tenderness and wonder.

Don’t they just speak sweetly to our soul?

Enjoy the feeling while it lasts, because some Twitter users just took Kermit to a a cold, …

… lonely, …

… place.

Now then. Take a deep breath. Here’ where things start getting darker.


Make it stop.

Make it stop! for the love of all things Kermit, Make it staaaahp! *ugly sobbing*


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