#DescribeAMoviesPlotIn5Words Has The Twitter World Cracking Up

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#DescribeAMoviesPlotIn5Words. Movie companies may create long drawn-out film plots. However, social media is showing us that you can get the point across in 5 words.

The trending hashtag was created on Thursday and quickly went viral with thousands tweeting their hilarious replies.

Some revealed what film they were describing, while other Twitter users left it up to the imagination. For example: “Short people destroy family heirlooms.” Which film is this talking about? The Lord Of The Rings.

Fun, right?

You know he could of fit on that door, but that’s a whole different hashtag…

How about “Chocolate factory kills kid”? You definitely know this classic. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. RIP to those bratty children. You know that kid had to drown in that chocolate river…

It isn’t too late to get into the action. We want to hear you #DescribeAMoviesPlotIn5Words. Tweet us at @SocialNewsDaily to be featured.

And just for fun, let’s see who can guess this film. “Comatose girl dreams about shoes.” Let us know your guesses in the comments below.

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