Twitter’s TinyCareBot Is Here To Make Sure You’re Alright

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Feeling bored? Lonely? Spending way too much time on Twitter than is actually good for you but can’t bring yourself to stop? No worries. The TinyCareBot is here to take good care of you.

In our everyday habits of logging on and tweeting every vital thing, it can get pretty easy to get caught up in it and totally forget about our very real physical needs. Stop and think about this: when was the last time you stretched? Drank a glass of water? Looked up from your screens?

Twitter user @jonnysun knows this all too well, and so created a bot that would give him helfpful reminders foe self-care.

The rest of Twitterdom did notice, and now 20.k followers are happily receiving gentle reminders such as “please take time to adjust your posture”, “please take a quick walk if you can”, “please take time to text a friend”, and many other loving nudges.

The little emojis help.

Followers of this wee bot have been all positive about its gentle “pleases” and nudges.

Now, remember to breathe deeply. Give yourself a good stretch. Sigh. Now wasn’t that nice?


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