Yoko Ono ‘Speaks’ Her Mind on Trump’s Win


Yoko, Oh no, oh no. You spoke your mind, and quite possibly the minds of millions of democrats across the United States at the overnight win of president-elect Donald Trump.

Yoko Ono, the champion of all things artistic, activist, and obscurely abstract, issued a rather thought-provoking statement over the resulting turnout of the 2016 US presidential elections. the 19-second video she tweeted is at once simple yet complex, primal yet multi-faceted, raw yet … oh, who are we kidding?

Here’s Yoko Ono issuing one long primal scream on Twitter.

Well, it’s not so much one long primal scream as it a howl that turned into a wobbly moan, and back to an oddly neutral and even comforting, compelling yell. All in all, it’s worthy of an on-the-spot Butoh performance. And yes, it’s also perplexing and pretty off-beat.

Did Donald Trump have anything to say about this display of artistic expression? We can’t be sure exactly. But wecan certainly be sure that Trump will have his hands full drawing the middle ground for both Republicans and Democrats.

Meanwhile, Yoko Ono will still be doing her thing, living as authentically and as neutral-colored as she can. Her iconic style is undeniable, and if you can just look past how other people might label her as kooky or off-kilter, She certainly has something important to say — even if it’s in the form of a wobbly moan and a yell.

Because usually? All the best people do, too.

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