Office Creates Epic ‘Power Drill Foosball’ And You Have To Check It Out

power drill foosball

When their regular games of office foosball began to get a little boring, the guys at SGS Engineering thought of a way to bring the fun of friendly competition back. Of course, it involved power tools. After all, this is the same gang that brought us leaf blower billiards.

power drill foosball

Of course, the big idea started with tons of planning. On their website, the crew explains that it involved calculations and plenty of dry erase boards.

After they had a plan, it was time for some field testing. They had to figure out details, such as what kind of drill to use, specific settings, ball type and so much more.


Once they had everything figured out, it was time to bring the office together for some power drill foosball. It was an office-wide event. No, literally. It was so loud, you could hear it throughout the entire office.


They chronicled the entire creative process, all the way to the epic power drill finish. Check out the process in the video below.

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