The Internet Helped Me Get An A: A Student’s Review Of Studypool

studypool review

Social media has became a vital part of our everyday life. Every moment of our lives seems to chronicled on social media and educators are taking notice. The possibility of a higher level of student involvement combined with the convenience of constant communication has made ed tech an extremely useful tool for educators.

A recent study revealed that more than 20 percent of schools were allowing students to utilize their handheld devices during school. When it comes to after school hours, most students have already uncovered the plethora of online opportunities for tutoring and research. There are several online companies that offer help for students to get a better grasp of their curriculum. As a student, I wanted to discover the gold mine of learning possibilities waiting for me on the web. I set out to find an online tutor that could help me with no hassle or big fee.

Studypool Review

A friend recommended Studypool as a place to get 24/7 homework help from verified tutors. I was a little apprehensive and wasn’t sure what to expect. I visited Studypool’s homepage without any expectations and quickly realized the potential this website could have on my school work. After logging in quickly with my choice of social media channel, I was able to browse through the several different subjects that the website offered tutoring in. I was in desperate need of help in my Calculus class and was shocked to find several tutors available to help me. I had heard that anyone can sign up to become a tutor on the website and that worried me. However, Studypool makes them verify their education to make sure they are really fit to tutor in the subject they choose. The verified tutors are given specific badges on their profiles.


I browsed through the choices of tutors and was able to look at their education backgrounds and reviews from past students they had tutored. Each tutor also had reputation score so I could get an idea of what I could expect. Once I submitted my request, the tutors were able to bid on my job and I was able to choose out of the lot.

Once I had chose a tutor, I had to pay 40 percent of the fee upfront. I understand this is part of the company’s way to protect the tutors. Once the job is over, students can reject the job and not have to pay the rest if they were not satisfied. However, I was completely satisfied and able to get the help I needed.

Recently posted questions on Studypool

Just like most reputable online tutoring services, help was immediate. I was connected with a tutor within a couple of hours of submitting my request.

Payment was extremely easy and secure. I simply used my Paypal account. I was happy to read about their 100 percent guarantee that all questions and tutoring sessions were private and completely anonymous. I also noticed that there is the option to post quick-answer questions. This would be perfect for those quick problems that don’t really deserve an entire tutoring session.

During my experience with Studypool, I had no issues. However, I did read of some complaining about slow customer service or response to issues. The company has publicly addressed these concerns and promises that they are dedicated to making sure that every customer is getting the best experience possible. Overall, I would recommend this online service to any student that seems to be struggling in a subject or looking for quick help on a question.

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