Tinder Couple Find Each Other In The Same Loo


It has been said you do find Love in the most unusual places — sometimes, even in the loo, too.

Tinder has become one of the most popular ways to meet either your next fling, your next date, or your next serious relationship. It’s matched couples in the most likely and unlikely places — whether it’s a cafe, a bar, a library, or an auction house (?!),  Tinder’s got you covered in the potential-romance department.

And every now and then, Tinder matches you with some complete stranger — whose picture has them standing in your very own loo. Wait, what?

Mark Kowalczyk, a 19-year-old Twitter user and student from Morgantown in West Virginia, was Tinder-matched with a lovely Jenna Zagrodniczek, also 19 years old. Elated he had found such a great match, Mark studied the picture more closely — and found out she was standing in his very own bathroom.

Coincidence? Creepiness? Was Jenna transported into his loo one fateful evening to further tie the strings of possible-romantic fate? Thank goodness, there was a actually a pretty sensible explanation for this. Turns out Jenna did once attend a party at Mark’s place, found his loo, and probably thought his mirror was impeccable enough for a decent selfie. Oh, and that they also had a number of mutual friends.

While Jenna may not have necessarily attracted the powers that be to spirit her into the Loo of Fate, Twitter and some cheekiness do help things along, too.

Was it a match? It was. It really was.

The two say they may try dating very soon. “We do plan to meet around Halloween,” Jenna said. Mark added, “I would be cool with meeting up with her.”

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