Billy Bush Disappears From Twitter In Wake Of Scandal

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The Washington Post recently released a video that features Donald Trump and NBC anchor Billy Bush lewdly discussing women, and while Trump made a quick apology that sounded much more like a justification Billy Bush came under fire. The video probably won’t do anything to Trump’s polling numbers. His supporters are a special breed that will be behind him if he admits to hosting lynchings. But Bush is going to come under a lot of heat. The fact that he’s employed by a left-leaning news organization certainly won’t help. If he was at Fox, they might not have too much of a problem with sexual harassment talk (see Roger Ailes).

The video features Trump and Bush talking about a woman that The Donald tried to sleep with who is not named, though we learn that she was married. Trump say that “you can grab them by the p—y” and lets out several more statements that are misogynistic at best. He also said that Bill Clinton has said far worse to him on the golf course.

The real casualty of the video was Billy Bush who promptly disappeared from Twitter and he is currently the number one trending conversation on the site. If you’re name is the number one most dropped phrase on Twitter, it’s probably not a good thing. More often than not, you just died. But Bush is about to come under a lot of fire for this and deleting his Twitter was probably a wise choice. Or else he would have been bombarded by messages and hate mail. Trump, for once, has stayed quiet about the issue on his own Twitter, though it’s still early and Trump prefers to go on his tirades in the middle of the night.

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