Hilarious Office Experiment Uses Mirrored Furniture To Capture Employees’ Vain Ways

Mirrored Furniture

One furniture store noticed that its millennial employees were constantly checking their reflection at pretty much every chance they got. So, The Furniture Market decided to do an experiment to see just how vain their employees really were.

First, the managers rounded up plenty of pieces of mirrored furniture.

“The obvious first step would be to put up a lot of mirrors in the office, however being obvious was out of the question. If we were really going to capture genuine live vanity in action, then we required unsuspecting victims highly valued staff,” Furniture Mart wrote on their website. “Being a furniture company, that just happens to boast an extensive range of mirrored furniture, provided a perfect opportunity to do this. No one would suspect the office being redecorated with our own furniture… so that’s what we did.”

They strategically placed the furniture in places where people would have a chance to check their reflections, like the kitchen area, front door and meeting areas. Each piece of furniture masked a GoPro camera to catch the hilarious reactions.

As you can see in the video above, the vanity was in full force at the office. The footage shows people checking their reflections, fixing their hair and posing each time they caught a glimpse of themselves in the mirror.

What would happen if you did this in your office? This definitely makes you think twice before stopping to check your reflection!

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