StreamSpread Ushers in a New Wave of Web Advertising

Have a quirky live stream video to share with the world? Then you’ll understand the struggle that comes with the daunting process of finding suitable websites to place your video. Well, it’s time to bid an adieu to the days of manual livestream uploads. StreamSpread is here to serve as the bridge between livestream channels and website owners, allowing both parties to maximise their revenues.

Founded by Anton Alexa, StreamSpread provides a more useful and effective advertising experience for advertisers and hosts. It is the first self-service promotion network to distribute real-time, streaming video content across websites, without the need for video embedding. This introduces a new, intuitive way for advertisers and publishers to manage live video content and make meaningful profits online.

The process is simple. Streamers use drop-down filters to find the websites to stream their advertisements on and receive detailed, real time statistics when their streams go live. They can also choose between pay-per-view and pay-per-minute plans.

Website owners, on the other hand, create viewports on their web pages, providing a more unique advertising experience than traditional banner ads for their audiences. Both parties will receive statistics relaying information on audience engagement and can track earnings via a real-time dashboard.   


“By simplifying the connection between websites and live streaming channel owners, our platform attracts a greater audience to boost the reach of live video streaming,” says Alexa. “StreamSpread helps popular streamers and broadcasters grow their target audience, while also providing a boost for newer broadcasters, saving them time and increasing their popularity more quickly.”

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Still not convinced? StreamSpread recently announced the early success of its major partnerships with e-sport video platform ESL.TV and publisher PCGames Network. The collaborations have vastly increased StreamSpread’s market reach in a matter of months, what with the startup reaching over 2 million viewers in under 90 days.

“Our mission is to revolutionize the video advertising market,” adds Alexa, “and partnering with some of the biggest names in the online gaming industry is certainly helping us get one step closer to our goal.”

And boy, is StreamSpread on its way to achieving its goal. The company has managed to establish a solid infrastructure for the rapidly growing market that is live video streaming. Gone are the days of boring static web ads. It’s time to spread out our arms and embrace the future that is StreamSpread.

Nic Waddell


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