Why Is Everyone Changing Their Phone Background To Kanye West?

Kanye West Lock Screen

Your phone’s lock screen says a lot of about you and your personality. So, whether you choose to use a picture of you and your friends or a hilarious picture, make it count.

One Twitter user showed off his choice of lock screen image: a snapshot of Kanye West. You might of seen the image before from West’s The Life of Pablo listening and Season 3 presentation at Madison Square Garden earlier this year. With West holding his arms up in the air, the picture is perfect for the lock screen.

As @michaellbutlerr shows, the arms are positioned in just the right spot that it appears as if Kanye is holding up the pop-notifications window.

It seems many other Kanye West fans wanted their text messages hand delivered by Yeezy as well.

Then people started getting creative with other Kanye images, like this one of the rapper peacefully catching some Z’s.

Of course, there are a few people that aren’t huge fans of Yeezus. Don’t worry those individuals created their own Drake version. Using a photo from Drake’s current tour, this one featured the rapper pointing at the notifications box.

Have you jumped on the lock screen bandwagon yet? Tweet us your creative lock screens at @socialnewsdaily!

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