Denzel Washington Strangles Aretha Franklin And Nothing Is Like It Seems

Denzel Washington Guilty

According to New York City police, Denzel Washington has finally accepted a plea deal for strangling his mother, Aretha Franklin.

Are you as confused as we were? That’s because we aren’t talking about the Hollywood icons, but normal people with serious problems.

The official criminal complaint explains that the altercation took place in Franklin’s apartment building.

“I am informed by Aretha Franklin,” the complaint says, “that she observed the defendant place his hands around her neck and apply pressure, thereby causing redness, bruising and substantial pain to her neck.”

Photo credit: National Enquirer

After accepting the plea deal, Washington was sentenced to participate in an anger management program.

This isn’t the first time Washington has ran into legal trouble when it comes to his mother. He is also facing charges from a past case of trespassing into his mother’s apartment building.

As for the famous Washington and Franklin, the two are close friends and remain so. As far as anyone knows, both of them know how to keep their hands to themselves…

Oh and for those wondering, there is no relation to any celebrities of any kind. However, maybe these events will inspire Denzel’s next movie endeavor.

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