Spoiled Brats On Twitter Ungrateful About Christmas Gifts, Are Widely Shamed [Video]

ungrateful christmas kids

Teens of today are accustomed to a certain level of generosity far outstripping what many of us semi-older people experienced in the halcyon 90s — but unlike us, their teenage tantrums are preserved for the world to see via the magic of Facebook and Twitter.

Ungrateful teens on Christmas are rapidly becoming a post-Christmas tradition, as those of us old enough to buy our own gadgets marvel at the entitlement expressed by some kids while their bratty tweets ping-pong around the Twittersphere.

This year’s Twitter entitlement shame-fest seemed to have been kicked off by writer Jon Hendren, who retweeted many of the whines tweeted by disappointed gift recipients beginning Christmas Eve. Here is one disgruntled Twitter teen who “only” got an iPad 2:

While this abused child’s mother dared ignore her demand for a white iPad, substituting a clearly inferior black iPad in its place — without permission, we might add:
One users has since protected her tweets, but another came in for some drive-by berating for using Twitter to lament:

Yet another moaned:

Did you catch the trend on Twitter of ungrateful kids tweeting about subpar electronics? (Video below, NSFW language.)

Kim LaCapria

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