How College Students Can Start a Home Business

College education is very expensive these days particularly if you’re in the western world. In the U.S., for instance, the average tuition for school year 2015-2016 based on data from the College Board was pegged at $32,405 at private colleges and $23,893 for out-of-state residents attending public universities. Prestigious universities can charge more at more than $45,200 if you’re studying in Harvard.

The high cost of pursuing a college degree is a primary reason why many young people and their parents are in debt. A CNBC report noted that the total level of outstanding student debt in the U.S. now stands at more than $1.2 trillion.

But this financial issue should not stop existing college students and high school graduates from pursuing their dream of obtaining a degree. By being resourceful and committed to achieving their personal goals, they can surely find a solution. These include getting a good-paying job and starting a low-cost business.

To the enterprising students, one can easily start a business at home today whether on their own or with the help of their supportive parents. Several options are available depending on one’s skills.

Essay and Article Writing Service

For students with excellent writing skills including those who are into blogging, they can start an essay writing service. This can be offered to college students as well as to professionals. Apart from letting you earn extra income, it can also be a rewarding experience being able to help other people and express your own views notably on the part of bloggers. Additionally, this business gives you a great opportunity to enhance your writing and editing skills.

Check out job sites or blogs related to home-based services that list jobs for writers. The site, for example, offers an updated list of writing opportunities and helpful tips.

Event Organizing

People-oriented college students can also get into the events organizing business. If you’re the sociable type who love to help people plan and set up important events whether in school or off-campus, then you can definitely start an event management service.

An important responsibility here is to network with venue owners in your area, musicians or club DJs and caterers. This way, you can easily tap them when you have an upcoming event. Promote your service by giving out flyers or business cards, putting up posters and if you the time, speaking to students one-by-one or in groups.

Child Caregiving

If you love kids and are good in interacting with them, you can always offer a babysitting or child caregiving service. You can do this when the parents go out on their date night or you can offer to pick up the kids from school. Keep in mind that there’s always constant demand for babysitters so make sure that you ask around from neighbors and friends.

For this type of job, you can take advantage of online sites that promote babysitting services and have an existing network of parents. You can also check your school as many have their own career listing sites that can connect students to local babysitting opportunities.


Not every college or high school student is good in all his or her academic subjects. Sometimes, those who are having a hard time in certain subjects don’t hesitate to get a tutor to help them. Hence if you excel in one or two subjects, take advantage of your knowledge to earn money while sharing your knowledge at the same time. You can go independent as a tutor or you can also apply and register as one at your school.

These services do not need capital hence, you can start it any time you want. You can do it on your own or partner with a good friend if you want.

An important thing to keep in mind here is to market your services in as many ways as you can. Promote it on your social media accounts and tell your friends about it. You can also create flyers and business cards that you can give out in school and at events you attend.


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