‘Tweet Seats’ Piloted At Theater To Enable Patrons’ Peaceful Smartphone Use

tweet seats at movies

Does the idea of powering down your device when the trailers end and that little animation (the modern version of “Let’s All Go To The Lobby, reminding you not to text during the film) pops up send you into a panic?

Loss of Twitter, Facebook and texting in the theater is an issue that has been troubling many moviegoers as use of smartphones becomes ever more fused with day-to-day lives — and a seemingly inevitable side-effect of going to the movies is a two-hour block of dis-connectivity. (This is not necessarily a negative if you find it difficult to grab some totally offline time in your “real life,” and can be a useful front for dodging work or social interaction.)

Even turning your screen to minimum brightness settings doesn’t spare others in the theater from distraction — but one theater is piloting “tweet seats” for a limited run, albeit during a live performance.

A press release describing the “tweet seats” for social media addicts during a performance seems to portend a possible new trend to watch out for in the the theater, and it reads in part:

“The Guthrie Theater today announced that beginning December 27, the theater will offer its first-ever ‘Tweet Seats’ during four consecutive Thursday performances of The Servant of Two Masters, allowing social media users an opportunity to interact during the show. A limited number of seats located in a balcony level of the McGuire Proscenium in a section that will not be disruptive to other patrons will be designated as Tweet Seats.”

Although the “tweet seats” idea hasn’t caught on just yet, it seems possible and even probable that texting sections may become a trend as theaters attempt to lure viewers in a dwindling customer base that may in part rather be at home Facebooking.

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