These Fast Food Fanatics Decided Getting A Tattoo Was A Good Idea, It Obviously Wasn’t…

fast food tattoo fails

We love fast food just as much as the next person, well unless the next person is one of these fanatics. Thanks to the Thrillist, we meet a few people who decided to profess their fast food love by getting some ink. Instead, they got a large fail with a side of embarrassment. We feel sorry for these people, but you can’t help but laugh!

Burger King

This king lover wanted a regal portrait of his favorite royal trans-fat peddler, but instead he got this deformed face of nightmares. Maybe the tattoo artist had eaten one too many Cheetos Mac n’ Cheese balls?


Now, this simple logo tattoo is well-drawn, but how many free frosty’s do you get for branding this on your arm for eternity?

Taco Bell

We get it. Some people really like fast food. However, it seems that Taco Bell fans are the most loyal with the highest tally of taco-centric body art.

Did Taco Bell literally save this man’s life. #praisethechalupa

Hey, at least she was employed. Which is more than we can say about some of these people.

Well, at least they know it is forever…

The least creative award goes to this woman. She didn’t even attempt a logo, just some stars. Maybe Taco Bell is the name of loved one?


If you love fried chicken this much, you might have some problems you need to address.

Chicken over bitches. I’m done. Literally done.

Apparently it’s a thing. The least I can say, it was free. And I love a good bargain.


That’s one way to keep your receipts in order.

They don’t call it the Golden Arches for nothing.

Because Ronald McDonald don’t give a f***. And obviously this person doesn’t either.

This the future generation of our world, people. Global warming seems like the least of our problems.

But, for real. Why am I still here?

At least this one provides some sort of entertainment.

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