Tim Tebow Doesn’t Look Bad On A Baseball Field

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Tim Tebow has gone down in history as one of the worst first round picks in the NFL, but Tim Tebow the baseball player is only beginning. Quite a few professional athletes have transitioned into professional baseball. Most notably Michael Jordan. But Bo Jackson was actually pretty good at playing both (then again, he’s something of a super human).

The Tim Tebow baseball workout that occurred today featured a few professional scouts that were, if nothing else, probably excited to get an interview with the former quarterback. According to a number of sources he did very well when hitting against a machine and knocked a couple balls out of the park but wasn’t able to translate that power into live pitching.

The pitchers, who are both ex-pros topped out at about 92 miles an hour.

He played pretty well in the outfield as well, catching all of the balls that you would have expected him to and catching a few that you wouldn’t have expected. Surprisingly, it was his throwing that left a few of the scouts wanting. While Tebow may be a hell of a quarterback who can gun down a receiver at fifty yards, he doesn’t quite have the accuracy of a professional outfielder.

So whatever happens for Tim Tebow, hopefully he gets a chance to shine somewhere.

Featured Image: [Flickr/Jeffrey Beall]

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