It Does Compute! Today Calls for Twitter Humor

Humor is what makes the world a whole lot more palatable to live in. (At least, most of the time, as long as you have the right sense of humor.)

It’s been a while since we last did a post on Twitter Lols, so we’re back with more to help your day!

Aaah, yes. Nothing like a quiet evening with the family spent on a wholesome activity. Perfectly pleasant.

Same, bruh. (On second thought, I’m probably 70% computer den and 20% fridge, so what does that make me?)

Such smooth. Much wow.

We’re so hipster, we out-hipster the hipsters.

“This is your last warning. I’ve watched all the Karate Kid movies, and trust me: I know Karate.”

“Let me project a mental image on your mind.”

The non-confrontational method to shutting up a terrible opinion.

And they’re comfortable AF, too!

“Excuse you, judges, exactly who was the one who pranced pretty to Santana that one time? Yes, that’s me.” *snort*


Feature image courtesy of Gratisography
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