What You Need To Know About The Trump Tower Climber

trump tower climber

19-year-old Stephen Rogata is better known as the Trump Tower climber after he scaled the landmark in New York City last week. As he was climbing the tower, with the help of suction cups, numerous news organizations were live streaming the stunt. Here are a few of the hard facts.

He planned it extensively

The Trump Tower climber wasn’t just some adrenaline addict like those guys in Russia who scale buildings out of boredom. Rather, he had been planning this stunt pretty extensively and he even waited for his parents to go on vacation before driving to New York City to undertake the stunt.

He has mental health issues

When I first saw the video I figured the climber was just a daredevil or a climbing bum (he’s from Great Falls, one of the better climbing spots in the Mid-Atlantic region). However, that was not the case, and since being “rescued from the tower, Rogata has been held in a hospital. He told police that he “wanted to get a message to Mr. Trump” and posted a video the day before the climb.

He’s a Trump supporter

I would have put all my money on betting that this kid is against Trump but he’s actually a Trump supporter, even urging people to go out and vote for the Donald in November. He didn’t get to sit down with the candidate as he was hoping but Trump noticed, tweeting about the incident.

He’s facing a lot of charges

Rogata is facing charges that include reckless endangerment and tresspassing, according to The Washington Post, all of the charges are misdemeanors.

Featured Image: [Flickr/Andrew Seamen]

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