My Face When Usain Bolt Turns Into a Meme


Usain Bolt isn’t just the fastest man alive on land according to the Olympics, but he might also turn out to be the most memeable.

Recently, a photograph of Usain Bolt killing the 100-meter dash competition with a winning smile went viral, and ho can it not? Folks on Titter soon saw they’d struck gold, and the memers quickly got all over it.

When you need bae over so bad.

Just like a lot of comedies we’ve seen on the silver screen.

Ahaha Ahahaha Ahahahahahahaha *gross sobbing*

Some people just have it all.

And do it all.

“Naw, Ma, I’m on a roll here!”

Awwww, isn’t he a cutie?

He clearly doesn’t need a wingman.

You know how it is.

Ever Barry Allen knows what’s up.

“Nah, bruh, she was lookin’ at me”

LMFAOOO #usainbolt #facebook

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Well… at least you tried…?

Happy Monday #canadianjokes #usainbolt

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Though there are some things Usain Bolt has trouble doing.

So, any other athletes up for memehood? Fu Yuanhui, we can’t wait to see you get memed next.


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