The Internet Explodes As The “Making A Murderer” Conviction Is Overturned

making a murderer conviction overturned

Netflix doesn’t do a lot shows right but when they do they make an addicting bit of television, and recent news of the Making a Murderer conviction overturned has hit the internet hard. If you’re not familiar, “Making a Murderer” is a Netflix show about a guy that was pretty much set up by the cops, and finagled into being charged and convicted with homicide.

The defendant, Steven Avery, is still in jail today. And to be honest, the Netflix show is very one-sided. After you watch it you’re incredibly pissed off at the police involved and the justice system. But there’s actually some evidence (excluded from the series) that suggests strongly that Avery may have been responsible. That’s a whole other bag of worms that we won’t go into.

Another defendant who was convicted, Brendan Dassey, just got out of prison. And Dassey actually didn’t deserve to be in there. The cops wrestled a confession out of him that was painful to watch and pretty much cruel. The kid barely had an elementary school education and the investigators ran psychological circles around him until he was crying and would have confessed to crucifying Jesus Christ. But today, justice finally got a punch in with the overturned conviction and Dassey said he was most upset about going to prison because he was going to miss Wrestlemania. And Wrestlemania is something that everybody on Twitter can get behind….

There’s supposedly going to be another season of “Making a Murderer” and the hope for some is an overturned conviction for Stephen Avery but for now we’re just happy that this kid actually gets to watch Wrestlemania.

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