The Daily Beast Olympic Grindr Article Comes Under Fire

daily beast olympic grindr

It’s common knowledge that the Olympic village gets a little saucy, and who can blame the athletes? They’re physical specimens in the prime of their lives, and sex is, after all, on the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Tinder in the Olympic village has been famous for the past few Olympic games and a number of news outlets have reported a 129% spike in the app in the village.

One ambitious reporter at The Daily Beast decided to test the Tinder theory a bit more and think outside the box. He downloaded Grindr, the gay dating app and decided to start swiping in the Olympic village. Nico Hines reported that he had three dates in his first hour on dating apps and he stated that Grindr was where he got most of his matches. Hines stated that one athlete dropped a pin for him to follow while another gave him the address of his building.

Mark Joseph Stern, a writer for Slate covering LGBT issues jumped on the story and damned both Hines and his article. Stern called the article “a dangerous disaster” and a “wildly unethical train wreck”. He also quoted another Olympian, Gus Kenworthy, who was unhappy about the story.

The Daily Beast article has since been amended with a post-script from John Avlon, the editor-in-chief. Avlong stated “the concept for the piece was to see how dating and hook-up apps were being used in Rio by athletes”. Though that seems a bit silly, Olympians use dating and hook-up apps just like the rest of us. They just run and swim a little better.

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