Does This New Pokemon Look Like Donald Trump?


Look! A brand new Pokemon! Trump, I… choose… you?!

Okay, maybe that didn’t turn out right, but do allow me to explain.

Nintendo has just come out with a brand-new Pokemon trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon , introducing a new location to explore. here’s more evolutions to get excited about, and new moves to try on opponents in battles, and of course, new Pokemon. they’re all quite adorable and some rather majestic…although hold, on, what’s this happening by the 2:06 mark?Pokemon

Twitter fans are aghast. Could it be that rather scoundrely-looking weasel is turning into a Pokemon version of Donald Trump?!


Gumshoos, this new Normal-type Pokemon, bears a striking resemblance to the Trump. Large yellow hair? Check. Lapel-like chest fur? check. Tiny claws for hands? Check. Also, take note that this Pokemon’s signaure moves are the Stakeout and the Strong Jaw. Hmm.

Of course, our mileage may vary, and maybe Nintendo didn’t really mean for this to happen… Right?

Whatever it was, Twitter is all over this kerfuffle.

Did they mention its tiny hands? But of course!

2016, your inventiveness of ways to jolt and shock all of us never ceases to amaze me.

And there are some who’d really rather not invoke “Donald Trump” and “Pokemon” in the same sentence. Like, c’mon, don’t ruin this cute little thing, guys!

Whether this design choice was intentional or not… Well, good luck, Pokemon fans.


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