#WorstFirstDate on Twitter Will Have You Saying ‘Check Please!”


So, what’s more fun than chuckling at good band names that make bad first dates? Laughing out loud at actual cases of the #WorstFirstDate, of course!

Going through the hashtag, we get a glimpse of some truly terrible dates. To all the contributors to this trend… Our feelings go out to you. We hope your next date will be leaps better than these ones.

The moment when one of you didn’t come prepared — and brought friends.

Has this guy every heard of table manners?! Hygiene?!?!?!


If you’re going to talk smack about your date, at least be careful around your social media, and you know, don’t tag them?!?!

Adorable, but the joke gets kinda old. Specially when it’s the only funny thing you know and resort to it all night.

And that bit when he’s busted that he’s not as single as he’d like you to think.

So, Sooo not single.

Sometimes, getting excited about food is the only true recourse to finding something good about this train wreck of a date.

It always helps to have the wait staff on your side.

When your date’s too much of a cheapskate to leave tips for the hard-working wait staff? Time to walk away and not look back.

… thanks no thanks.

And if you’re the one running the risk of ruining the date… Well, at least have the grace to see yourself out. sorry ’bout that.

… Are you guys…? Were you…? No, really?


Feature image courtesy of Dollicious
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