2 + 2 = LOL: Parents Do The Math with Family Laughs on Twitter

Parenthood and raising a family is not easy. Despite what other moms or dads might have you believe, no one really has it all 100% together. (Though there are indeed moments when they can go 100% Mom or 100% Dad. In those cases, bless their hearts, they’re just doing their best as human beings.) And seriously, all that judgey-ness is not dong anyone any favors.

So put down them judgeyness glasses, and sit down for some laughs. Relax; you”ve survived Monday, and it’s time you laughed a bit.

Oh, mom. *sigh*

And oh, Dad. Unfortunately, I don’t think the appliance store sees this as a refundable thing…

Two-year-olds turn out to be the most excellent question-giver ever, specially on the potty. It’s those moments wen you just want to answer “42! 42! 42 is the answer to Life, the universe, and everything!

Family life sometimes turns out to be the tug-of-war of power and control. and yes, it’s trrible, it’s funny, and it’s terribly funny.

Or, you know, just hiding their things so they don’t get completely traumatized.

Yelling. So much yelling.

But let’s admit it. In the end, you the parent ends up being the one looking for their stuff.

When all else fails, … Hello, wine, my old friend.

So when the kids are away or asleep, go sink into that sofa, and dive into your favorite snack. You deserve it.


Feature image courtesy of Konstantin Sutyagin
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