The Most Hilarious Parents On Facebook, This Week

hilarious parents

It’s Friday and if you are a parent, you are thanking your lucky stars you have made it through another week. Put the little ones to bed and send the bigger ones to their room. Pop open a bottle of wine and take out the hidden gallon of ice cream from the back of the freezer. (Wait, just me?)

While most people take to social media to make their lives look picture perfect, there are those parents that keep it real. We don’t have our s**t together and that’s OK. Let’s give a shoutout to these parents who made us laugh on Facebook. Because, hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself…

Always avoid any toys with a bunch of little pieces. Even if you don’t have to help put it together, you will inevitable step on a stray piece while you are barefoot in the middle of the night.

Kids say the strangest thing and most of the time you have no freaking clue what they are even talking about. Fun fact, did you know the average toddler asks more than 400 questions a day? Yep, they sure do…

Someone will get hurt. They always get hurt and it is usually at the wort possible time. Here’s a tip, stockpile bandaids and keep the doctor on speed dial.

Alcohol. Wine, beer, margaritas. Moms drink in moderation, but Lord, do we need to drink at the end of the day…

So, parents. Cheers to making it through another week. Got a crazy story, make sure to share it with us!

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