Ghostbusters Smashes The Glass Ceiling; Creates Controversey

The new Ghostbusters film may have shattered the glass ceiling but some viewers and critics are skeptical.

ghostbusters glass ceiling

Ghostbusters was recently released and people are hailing it as a film that effectively smashed the glass ceiling, a movie that was about women chasing ghosts rather than women chasing men. While I haven’t seen the film, I’ve read mostly positive reviews and heard positive things from the people that I’ve talked to who did see it.

But the real gritty recent news about the film came when they tweeted on the #ImWithHer hashtag (referring to Hillary Clinton) that has been trending on and off through the election season.

The aforementioned tweet, in fact, does not appear anywhere on the film’s official Twitter feed, so it must have been taken down. A lot of people are pretty sour about the film, saying that it tried to hard to smash the glass ceiling. But those may well only be biased opinions of sour sexists. Who knows?

Despite it’s genre-bending all-female cast, the film has done rather poorly in the box office according to some recent stats

The real question that I still have is “how much were the ladies paid?” Ghostbusters was produced by Sony Pictures and in case you forgot, a few years ago a couple of hackers got into Sony’s files and revealed that they paid female actresses significantly less than male actors for roles that were similar. So while the film seems to have shattered the glass ceiling, the jury may still be out.

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