The Messy, Hilarious Joys of Bringing Up Baby, According To Twitter


Dear parents, specially the brand-new parents out there bringing up Baby, we salute you. It’s not easy bringing up a tiny human whose only vocabulary consists of chortles, squeals, and bawling. There’s finding the eternally burning will to live and keep going through the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and constant guesswork of needs. There’s the breastfeeding, pumping, stained shirts, or formula mixing. There’s all that, and the need to get back to work. You’re superheroes, the lot of you.

So here’s a collection of tweets you may either find too funny, too real, or a hazy befuddled mix of the two. Put the baby to sleep, kick back, and pour yourself your beverage or bubbly of choice as you scroll through these tweets. You deserve it.

We’ve all been there.

And that’s what we call “sharing the load”.


Time can go so fast.

After going checklists full of Nope, choosing a baby name will be way easier.

Just please save us all the confusion and simplify things. We’d really appreciate it.

Give this person an award.

Why are you two even here in the first place?

We all have that one friend on Facebook who floods our news feeds with baby pictures.

Real talk.

Well, you’re not wrong… Oh, come on, you’re absolutely right.

And finally, some words of wisdom from Pakalu Papito.

Feature image courtesy of jaydesphotos
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