A Brief Reminder Of How Awesome Bill Clinton Once Was

awesome bill clinton

Alright, Monica Lewinsky and the impeachment but everything else aside, Bill Clinton was pretty awesome. He’s probably one of the best public speakers in American history. And last night we were reminded of how great he still is in front of a crowd, he was a shadow of his former self but there were peeks into the speaker that Clinton was. Just look at what Dana Carvey said about him a few years ago when Hillary was running against Barrack. I should warn you, this is pretty crude.

Dave Chapelle, Robin Williams, John Mulaney and a number of other comedians have done bits on Bill Clinton but I’ve decided not to include them here because they’re even more crude than the Dana Carvey video above. And all jokes aside, Bill Clinton was pretty great for the country, he brought the national debt down (vs the GDP) at the end of his term and since then it’s gotten a lot worse. The recent war didn’t do much to help that. Check out what Barrack said about the awesome Bill Clinton when asked about him during the 2008 election

I mean, this guy has a rockstar persona and even if you don’t like him or don’t agree with his politics you can’t say he was any less cool than John F Kennedy. He’s such a good public speaker that he’s spoken at every Democratic National Convention for the past thirty-six years and he’ll probably speak at every one until he’s gone. And, if they’re smart, then they’ll play holograms of them.

And if you still needed more convincing that Bill Clinton was awesome just watch this video. And remind yourself that this man was once our president.

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