Democrats Tepidly Nominate Hillary Clinton Amidst Concerns About Her Viability

Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton

On Tuesday, delegates to the Democratic National Convention nominated Hillary Clinton for president. The raucous political convention had been shaken by the revelation that senior DNC officials plotted to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign and have long favored Clinton.

On Friday, Wikileaks published nearly 20,000 emails from DNC officials. The content of these leaks outraged Sanders supporters and government watchdogs alike, but the chaos wasn’t enough to halt the nomination of Clinton as president. Even in their moment of triumph, however, the Clinton campaign is worried about her increasingly poor odds of beating Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“Poll after poll is showing that Trump has been eating away at our lead, and after his convention, he’s erased it entirely,” wrote campaign manager Robby Mook, in a fundraising email sent Tuesday afternoon. “With the polls leaning in the wrong direction, your contribution has never been more critical.”

Mook is referring to recent polling which shows Trump with a considerable lead over Clinton.

When reporters from The Hill asked if Clinton should be worried about her slipping poll numbers, California Governor Jerry Brown said “Of course.”

“You think she isn’t? It’s very uncertain at this point and very threatening. Full alert is what I would say.”

In addition, Democrats are gearing up for more damaging releases from Wikileaks, which Assange promises will hurt the Democratic candidate badly.

That the Democrats have nominated Clinton despite her faults as a candidate speaks to the political party’s desire for unity. But alienating the progressive voter base and nominating a scandal-prone insider in an election season full of anti-establishment feeling may yet prove to be a disastrous move on their part.

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