Radiologist Recreates Celeb Photos To Help Cancer Patients


Cancer. The Big C. One of the most horrible diseases known to Man. Many a charity drive and kickstarter has been, well, started to fight Cancer. One of these, Dry July, is celebrated in Australia by encouraging people to abstain from drink and use the proceeds to donate to anti-cancer charities.

This is all well and good, of course, but one radiologist decided to take this up to Eleven. How? With a tonne of celebrity shots, a camera, and his luxurious long hair.

Mark Udovitch felt his heart break when a cancer patent confided in him how sad she felt after missing her long hair. He vowed to grow his own hair out and eventually chop it all off to donate it for a wig for a cancer patient. For the past two years, he’s been faithfully taking care of his long locks — with the date of The Chop coming very soon on the 29th of July.

But for a stout-hearted soul like Udovitch, oh no, this wasn’t enough — Just because he had all this long hair didn’t mean he couldn’t have fun with it, too.

Udovitch has taken the fight to Cancer with another big C — Celebs! He’s recreating photos, from the kooky, to the classy, to the scorchingly hot, all for the love (and donations) toward Cancer patients.

He’s ready to get silly.

Like, really, really silly.

Whether it’s Game of Thrones, …

… Or Star Wars, …

.. it’s the Cancer patients who win.

All hail Conchita Wurst, the queen! Those eyebrows are on fleek.

Udovich’s heart of gold is fit for royalty.

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