The Fine Art of Adulting In Your 20’s, According to Twitter


Aaaah, yes, once you hit your 20’s, Life rolls out the doormat for you that says “Welcome To Your Adult Life”. And this time, you finally get to practice the fine art of Adulting all you want. The thing is, you kinda have to nail it from Day 1, because isn’t that what Adults are supposed to do?

Trust this 30-year-older. Fast-forward ten ears from now, you’ll have had enough experience to sufficiently answer the above question with : Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnope, not really. And you know what’s even better? Give it a few more years, you won’t even care what everyone thinks. Isn’t that awesome?


Okay, so maybe you aren’t quite there yet. That’s okay. The journey (with all its foibles, missteps, and misadventures) is what makes it all fun and totally worth it.

When you’re Adulting in your 20’s, this is when you realize no one really knows what the heck they’re doing anyway — and that’s totally okay.

When you think about it, we’re living in the best time ever to be in your 20’s. Cheer up.

It’s that phase in your life when you have to hold your own hand through everything. EVERYTHING. and if you did so, you did well.

Whether its family, friends, or family friends, don’t let them rush you. No, seriously don’t. Take it from me in my 30’s, the sleepless nights and panic just isn’t worth it.

It’s that time of Life when you know you should be putting all cooking skills on like a boss — but you just really, really want to order a pizza.

We’ve all had those moments. (Goes well with wine, pizza, and Netflix. Trufax.)

You think, maybe you should check on your high school colleagues and see how they’re doing… Nope.

Sometimes you just think, eff Adulting, I just want to grow up to be a cat.

On the inside, you’re like…

But when family asks, on the outside you’re like…


Feature image courtesy of  Greyerbaby
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