The Justin Beiber Lookalike Died From An Overdose

Tobias Strebel, who rose to fame as the Justin Beiber died last summer and the coroner has finally announced his cause of death.

justin beiber lookalike

Tobias Strebel garnered headlines a few years ago when he came out of the woodwork as the kid who had surgery in hopes of looking like Justin Beiber. Some sources stated that Strebel spent around $100,000 on the necessary surgeries to resemble Beiber and he was later featured on the E! series “Botched”. As you might have guessed from his appearance on the show, the surgery didn’t go so well and he ended up looking more like a clown than the pop sensation.

He was found dead in a hotel in California on August 21st of last year. Sources are reporting that the autopsy for the Justin Beiber lookalike has revealed that he had Valium, Xanax, alcohol and a sleep aid in his system at the time of his death. Strebel was 35 at the time of his death, so significantly older than the 22-year-old Justin Beiber.

Beiber has not commented on the incident so far and he’s currently in the running for the MTV hottest award. While Beiber has had his own set of mishaps and embarrassing situations lately, friends and family of Strebel reported that he was suffering with depression at the time of his death and the new autopsy results may suggest that he took his own life.

No matter how silly and frankly stupid the Strebel’s actions were (who in the Hell would even want to look like Beiber), you have to feel bad for the Justin Beiber lookalike who wasted a ridiculous amount of money.

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