Forget Jill Stein, Who’s Vermin Supreme?

Vermin Supreme hasn't really taken the voting world by storm but that doesn't mean he hasn't always been there.

vermin supreme

In this election, perhaps more than any other, there are going to be a lot of votes cast for third-party candidates like Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party but there’s one candidate that barely anybody is talking about; Vermin Supreme. Supreme has run for president in every election since 1992 and this year he was on the Democratic Primary ballot in New Hampshire. Here’s one of his debates from a previous election season.

The platform that Vermin Supreme lays out is fourfold and hasn’t changed much in the last two decades, he has a zombie preparedness plan, wants free ponies for everybody, endorses mandatory toothbrushing laws and time-travel research (in an attempt to go back in time and kill “baby Hitler”). But Supreme is actually not a schizophrenic, just a political satirist. There was a documentary made about him a few years ago entitled “Vermin Supreme: An Outsider Odyssey” and it does a pretty decent job capturing the zany antics of the man under the boot.

He was at the Occupy Boston Protests, and has called himself a “friendly-fascist” as well as a Libertarian that leans toward anarchism. According to his Wikipedia page he received 1.4% of the votes in 2012 at the Iowa caucus and he actually received a vote from a delegate this year.

Oh yeah, Vermin Supreme is in Philly right now for the Democratic National Convention.

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