Can Real-Life Pets Actually See Pokemon? [Pokemon GO]

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, and it’s just been a little over a month since its release. Of course, you need a smart phone (and a powerful battery and a power bank, we hear) to catch ’em all — or do you? Because a bunk of Twitter users just tweeted images of their real-life pets who seem to be able to see them Pokemon.

Well, we do know cats can see things way more than we can, so I guess we can add this to the list?

Magikarp used Splash! It’s… uh, very effective?

It takes two to match up to this Doduo.

Run, doggie, run! That Mankey doesn’t look too friendly!

Meanwhile, here’s a Bulbasaur hanging out and just chilling with a cat.

This Pidgey just might be this birb’s Pokemon brother from another mother.

My, my… that cat sure looks, uh, hungry. Uh-oh.

Momo just keeps letting these Zubats in!

Noooo, doggie! Don’t eat that Weedle! It’ll give you a tummyache!

Clefairy, Zubat, and Oddish; this cat knows enough to just look, don’t touch.

“… Nope. You want my butt kicked that badly, don’t you? What kind of Dad are you?!”

With a Venonat, you’d be wise to steer clear.

This dog spotted a Slowbro and a Psyduck, but made friends with an Evee.

“I know that’s a Slowpoke, but what kind of birb is this?!”


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